Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Human rights: Practice what you preach

With so much rantings and accusations by people who see themselves as champions of every mode of freedom, one question begs to be answered.

Do we realise how in many instances the change must first be done right in our own homes?

Although many of us Malaysians hold high respect for the rights and freedom of others, sadly there are still those who do not practice what they preach.

One stark instance is the denial by some unscrupulous people who employ maids of different religious belief. How many times have we seen or heard complaints by these unfortunate maids that they were often denied the right to practice their religion?

It is true. There are employers who would not hesitate to force their maid to handle pork and forbid them from performing their prayers.

Our hearts bleed to hear all these, for here we are, beyond the confines of our private castles we would not hesitate to hit out at any perceived attempts to restrict free religious practice, although our observations have often been skewed and distorted by narrow perspectives.

While some may gladly allow their maids to practice their religious duties, there are still many others who, aware of the fact that the maids under their employment are Muslims but nevertheless take advantage of their youthful ignorance and abet in the degeneration of their religious duties.

So, employers...have a heart...dont do this to others if you do not want others to do the same unto you.

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